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My Den is 2 years old!

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Ivory Cat Graphics

Illuminant Dreams

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Inthename dA User

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Thank you :)
Thanks for the Memories- Fallout Boy

Ghosts N' Stuff- Deadmau5

Animal- Miike Snow


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Holiday Discount (Continued it longer) Hello everyone! Were having a holiday discount in all the shops! From December 26- January 10 you can get 20 pebbles off from any item that is 40 pebbles or more! (This even includes dens at Graystripe's Den Trader)

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January 4'th- Changed the banner

January 3'rd- Happy New Year :) Added back to top floating arrow buttons on the right side of every page, check out the credits box that we changed above the music on the home page, or go to help and view the credits to see the cool feature we added.
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