Q: What is the whole purpose of My Den?

A: On My Den you register and have the warrior cat you want and your own den which you can view under "Members." You're able to buy items to decorate your den, earn pebbles (currency) which you will want to buy items, you can earn awards, find out cool warrior information, and chat with friends! To find out a more detailed explanation click here to go to How to Play which tells you how you play the game but also what it's about.

Q: Where does my den appear?

A: Your den will appear under the "Members" tab, your den will be under the warrior cat you registered as. So if you registered as Cinderpelt you would have to click the name Cinderpelt to see your den. You can also see other people's dens by clicking their warrior cat name! Your den is not created till you register and complete the activation email, but once you complete the activation email you must wait a short period of time for us to come on and edit so we can make your den, 

Q: I suggested something but you still haven't used my suggestion and its been awhile!

A: I don't use every suggestion I see because some can't work out, but I do look at the suggestions everyone says and I take it under consideration. Sometimes your suggestion might just take awhile because I'm just figuring out how I can put it on my site!

Q: This site says Warrior Cats Roleplay in the address, where's the roleplaying?

A: I originally wanted to create this site to be a role-play site so I bought the name warriorcatsroleplay.com, but then I thought almost every other warrior cat site is a roleplaying or graphic site so I wanted to make mine different. Unfortunately this isn't a roleplaying site but you can still role-play on the comment box on the home page with other people and ask if they want to join in! 

Q: Why do I have to wait for my items, pebbles, etc.?

A: I'm not that advanced in web-designing where I can make everything do everything automatically, so your forms are sent to my email and I have to come on my site and manually edit. Besides I can't come on to edit every single time I get an email from my site I have other things to do outside the computer!

Q: Where is the comment box?

A: The comment box is on the home page, just scroll down on the home page and you'll find it!

Q: How do I activate my account?

A: The activation form is on the home page! It will be in the left column and it will say "Activation Test" on the top. You will have to activate your account by the next month or else it will be deleted. All you have to do is type in your warrior name and your password and your account will be activated!