As you tread towards Graystripe's Den Trader...

Your pads are sore from stepping on all the rocks along the way to Graystripe's Den Trader, you keep up your pace though. You start to see bright green grass in front of you and many rocks. You hear a few toads croaking but you ignore them as you keep walking. You open your mouth and you scent another cat. "Hey I'm Graystripe! Are you ready for more walking?" You look down at the rough rocks and sigh "I'm trying to find one particular den I have in mind." Graystripe replies "Well I have different dens in different areas I have big dens and small dens, dens near the river, or dens by some rocks, dens where it snows a lot, and even dens inside trees!" You nod and decide to look at a few dens.

 Click on one of the dens to view the den in full size and see the price:    

Trade Items