How To Play:

Important: Every month on the home page there will be a monthly activation you will have to do. Beware because if you don't activate your account, it will be deleted!

Welcome to My Den I'm Squirrelflight and I'm the administrator and monitor of this site called My Den. First off you will have to register, you will pick the name of one of the official warrior cats, a password, your den, email, etc. Once you have registered you will receive an activation email shortly, Once you get the activation email you will get a code which you will have to enter in the link we provide for you in the email. After you enter your code we will then make your den as soon as possible. Your den will appear under Members. We manually edit the site which means we have to come on and make your den and give you items, etc. so you will have to wait till we come on to edit that's why you have to wait! Look below for help with other pages.

Trade For Items:

Trade for items is where you can buy items from shops to decorate your den with the items you bought. You will get 50 pebbles when you first register which is your currency so you can buy items from different shops. We add new items at least every 2 weeks so keep checking back in shops. Some of the shops we have are Old Loner's Trading, Graystripe's Den Trader, and Squirrelflight's Everything Fun. Check out the cool items and shops by going to Trade For Items now! Remember once you buy an item you have to wait for your item to arrive in your den. Also if you buy a item and you don't want it anymore you can go to the Help page and go to the right column that says Delete Items and you are able to delete the items you want.

Earn Pebbles:

Pebbles are the currency of My Den, you will want pebbles to buy things to decorate your den with. You can either hunt, search, train, take quizzes, or battle when you do any of these ways to earn pebbles you must read the rules, you can also read the tips for help.


Here you can see your den and your friends dens. Your den will be the tab that says your warrior cat name you used when you registered such as Graystripe, or Firestar. You can look at your items and other peoples, find out about the characters from the series, check how many pebbles you have left, and much more! 


Under extras you can find out everything you need to know about the official Warrior Cat series including the warrior code, battle moves, the herb list, maps, ceremonies, play the official warrior cat game, look at book countdowns, and see which new books are coming out, and learn about so much more warrior cat information.


Help is where you can find help! You can contact us if you have a question or problem and we will email you back as soon as possible, you can go to password help if you have lost your password or want to change it, you can delete items from your den, you can make suggestions to make My Den better, and you can enter special codes for free items and pebbles. You can also enter your activation code under special codes. If you need any more help go to help!

Thanks for reading,

Squirrelflight :D