Welcome to your warriors inbox, To send messages to other warriors on My Den first off register (Make sure you use your warriors name or the name you use in the comment box so people know it's you), then your account is created and your able to sent messages by clicking Inbox and Compose Message and you can check your messages in inbox. To see who your able to send messages to go to Member Directory, and to edit your profile and avatar click Profile. 

(Do not include your real name, where you live, or any personal information) 

If you do anything bad or any users report you on here you will be banned. To report someone go to the Help page and go to the form that says Question/Problem and they will be banned as soon as possible.

When editing profile information for location/occupation you can just say your clan name and warrior/deputy/leader. Remember your nickname is your username on here! (Do not constantly change nicknames)

TECHNICAL ISSUES- There are minor problems with the inbox system and we'll fix them once we find another messaging system to use. Whenever you finish using your inbox exit out of My Den completely (just exit out of the tab) don't click the back button or another tab. Just exit out. Then come back on to the website. Just repeat the process if you need to use the inbox again :) Thanks!