(Warning: This may be bloody or gory for some people, it's not that bad or to detailed but it's just a warning)

    Rainpetal slowly opened her turquoise eyes terrified and looked around in the pitch black darkness. She had a horrible but strangely vivd nightmare but she decided to shake it off. It must be the middle of the night, everyone's asleep she thought to herself although there was a eerie silence and she felt a strange ringing in her ears. She rested her head back on her gray tabby paws, yawning hugely and she went back into a deep sleep like nothing had happened.

☁ ☁ ☁ 

  Rainpetal woke up in the early morning when the sun was just rising and the sky was a light haze of pink mixed with a hue of lavender. She glanced around the den wearily and noticed no one was inside, surely they couldn't have all woken up by now it was early morning. She sighed and got up pushing aside her old shredded moss, maybe they are just out somewhere, hunting. She walked outside and a few rays of early morning sunlight hit her eyes making her squint for a few seconds. She glanced around the Riverclan camp, but it was empty. "Hello?" she called out. "Hello!" she yelled a little bit more louder now. She walked towards the exit of the camp her furry gray paws soaking in the muddy earth from the previous nights light rain. She crawled under a few reeds and as she was about to exit out of the camp she let out a huge scream of horror and her heart slammed heavily against her chest beating loudly and fast. She took a few steps back and a tear streamed down through her glassy eyes. In front of her was her clan mate, Palmfrost. Palmfrost's white fur was sticky with dried blood clinging on to her fur. Her olive green eyes stared ahead, but her eyes were only lifeless and almost..terrifying to think that she was once full of so much life made her feel sorry. Chunks of her fur and skin had been ripped out and lay out in the ground in front of her in a pool of oozing blood. Rainpetal looked down at her paws and cringed as a few drops of blood had drifted on the ground towards her paws and now stuck to her pink pads. What scared Rainpetal the most was that Palmfrost's right front paw had been ripped out and there was just a clean bone sticked out of her right stub of a used to be paw. Rainpetal turned away feeling like she would throw up her previous night's fish everywhere and she quickly ran out of camp.

  Rainpetal slowly walked along by the river hoping to catch any scent of her clan mates, but she strangely couldn't. They couldn't just all disappear like that, it was impossible. How was she not able to hear it last night? How could a whole clan just leave no trace where they went? Why was she left behind? All the questions buzzed through her head as she kept trying to search for any clues on to where her clan might've went. Maybe I could go to the Shadowclan camp since they are the nearest, they might've known what happened she thought to herself racing towards the Shadowclan border as her hopes started to rise.

  She made a weird face and crunched up her nose when she was close to the Shadowclan border, which stunk like fox-dung. Usual Shadowclan scent. She sat down next to the border for a few minutes and growled impatiently "I thought Shadowclan had a bunch of patrols guarding everywhere, guess I was wrong!" She sighed deeply and waiting for a few minutes and still no one came so she walked on to the Shadowclan territory. Her paws sank into the muddy earth and she now had mud clinging a inch up her paws. She turned left towards the border of camp, and squished past a few tightly packed trees and stepped inside the heart of the territory, the Shadowclan camp.  She glanced around and called out "Hello?" and waited eagerly. "Anyone the...ARGH!" Her body slammed against the ground and she was pinned down, claws dug into her fur. She yelped and screamed out "GET OFF OF ME!" and struggled to break free from the grip. A tom's voice replied "What have you done to my clan mates!" Rainpetal stopped struggling "That's why I came here...if you could just get off of me!" she squirmed around like a worm but the tom didn't even budge. "Okay listen, I'll tell you if you could please have some curtsey and sheath your claws before you attack innocent cats!" He sheathed his claws but still kept his grip "Okay fine, why are you here and what do you want?" Rainpetal relaxed now and replied with her head plopped on the ground "I'm here because all my clan mates are missing and I thought you might've known what happened to them." The tom's grip loosened and she took the chance to escape his grasp. She stood up letting out a hiss of annoyance and looked over at the tom, he had golden fur and amber eyes. He looked back at her "That's what happened to my clan, I can't find any of my clan mates at all" he looked at the ground gloomily. Rainpetal wanted to go over to comfort him but she thought better of it because first off he's a Shadowclan tom, second off he came up and pinned her down against the ground, and third she doesn't even know who he is. "I...I'm sorry about that" she awkwardly managed to say. "It's fine" he mumbled in a deep voice he looked back up at her "I'm Sunblaze, who are you?" Rainpetal smoothed her gray tabby pelt feeling more calm "I'm Rainpetal, obviously a Riverclan cat that doesn't being attacked by random strangers" she retorted. Sunblaze snorted "Yeah, I can tell." Rainpetal nodded "So you don't know where any of your clan mates are, no clues at all?" Sunblaze's amber eyes were full of sadness but he tried to cover it up with a strong voice "No, no traces or hints as to where they are. I don't know how it's possible." Rainpetal looked around the Shadowclan camp "We assume that many things are not possible, but you never know."


More coming soon!!!