As you start towards Old Loner's Trading...

You walk into the dark part of the forest, the heart of the forest. All the trees create a canopy of shade beneath you forming shadows of leaves on your head through the little spots of light that the trees give in. You walk forward smelling the scent you have been waiting for, letting the scent of the loner fill your nose you walk forward. The darkness was being lifted with every step and as you approached the loner you squint your eyes tightly together for a few moments as the light draws forward. Then you open your eyes once more and light fills the forest. You have now entered a less thick part of the forest, you have entered the Old Loner's Trading shop. A pale orange she-cat and a dusty brown tom are already chatting with the loner and you glance to see them handing the loner pebbles. You look around at the olive green moss covered rocks and take in the scenery as you look at the items the old loner has to bargain for...

Click on one of the pictures to view the item in full size and see the price: 

Animated Items: 

 Leaf- (25 Pebbles) 

Autumn Leaf- (30 Pebbles) 

Trade For Items