As you journey towards Riverclan's Shiny Collection...

You were strolling along the forest when you start to hear churning water. You start walking towards it and as you reach closer the muddy earth sticks to your pads. You step on a few twigs that keep snapping but you ignore them, As you approach Riverclan's Shiny Collection you hear a quite a few cats talking you can make out the words of some of them "Pink pearl, no wait, a fish scale!" The clearing opens up and you see many cats chatting and looking at all of the interesting items. You see Mistystar sitting on the tallest stone in the river her gray pelt shimmering like the water, "Hello" she mews "Don't be shy look around, come on, and even if you fall off a stepping stone the water is not that strong." You nod and cautiously take a step towards the first stone which is covered in moss, you dig your claws into it but it doesn't help so you keeping jumping from the gray stones quickly till you finally reach the pile of stones where all the items are set on top of. You look around locking your eyes on the shiny items...

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Animated Items: 

Star Fish- (25 Pebbles)

Seaweed- (35 Pebbles)

Clam Shell- (45 Pebbles)

Trade For Items