As you pace towards Squirrelflight's Everything Fun...

You walk towards the edge of the forest feeling even more exposed and you keep turning around every so often. There's thin green and yellow grass beneath your pad that tickles your pads every so often, you hear a few birds chattering in the trees and stop for a few moments to try to catch them. You climb the tree, digging your claws into the wet bark from the previous nights heavy rain. You claw your way up silently and let your eyes fall on one of the birds. You keep your body low against the tree and as you paw forward the branch snaps in half and you fall down on your fours and the birds had flown away the second the tree snapped. You sigh and start walking again and you taste the scent of a Thunderclan cat. As you approach the big clearing in the forest you see a small but thick bush that you walk towards. All the sudden a flash of orange pops out of the bush, "Hello there! My name's Squirrelflight and here you can find anything fun, including moss balls" she laughs "Everyone ALWAYS takes moss balls away from me. Well come inside the bush and have a look around..."

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Animated Items: 

Feather- (13 Pebbles)

Yarn- (15 Pebbles)

Pile of Leaves- (35 Pebbles) 

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